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The Bolshevists -- Grave-Diggers of Capitalism

Published January 29, 1919

"The Bolshevists -- Grave-Diggers of Capitalism,"
by C.E. Ruthenberg
Published in The Ohio Socialist [Cleveland], whole no. 53 (Jan. 29, 1919), pg. 4.
Published in USA prior to 1923, public domain.

Ruthenberg, Secretary of the massive Local Cuyahoga Country, Socialist Party organization, poses the question whether or not the Russian Bolsheviks actually represented "something new."
While the capitalist press accused them of "anarchy, ...rioting and bloodshed, wholesale murder and destruction" leading to "the collapse of orderly society," Ruthenberg argues that the Bolsheviks represented instead the consistent application of the established principles of Marxian Socialism. After outlining the basic tenets of Marxism,
Ruthenberg declares himself in favor of the latter proposition: "Bolshevism is not something strange and new. It is not a blind, raging force of destruction. If at present its triumph is accompanied by bloodshed and destruction it is because the bankruptcy of capitalism precipitated a cataclysm and the workers are obliged to build the new order amidst the wreckage of the old and with those who profited from their former oppression and exploitation placing every obstacle possible in their path. Bolshevism is Marxian Socialism in action. It is the social revolution underway. It is the workers on the road to victory and a better world."
Ruthenberg later served as the first Executive Secretary of the Communist Party of America. For more biographical information, see Wikipedia:

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Year 1919
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